A Fashion Guide To Your Golfing Photo Shoot

For many people, golfing is more than just a hobby, it's a passion. To help capture that passion, many people use professional photographers to take images in golf apparel and shooting on the course. Whether the images are for personal use or some other need, you want to look your best. Dressing up for the shoot requires a good amount of planning to ensure that your outfits match and can photograph well on the green. Use the following guide to help plan your photo shoot and prepare the best golf apparel outfits.

Solid Colors

One of the best choices for your golf outfits are solid colors. They photograph well, easily match, and will not be distracting for the photos. It's common to wear stripes or plaid on the golf course, but you should stick to solid colors for photo purposes.

Darker colors will also be a better option. During the day, golf courses are bright, so neon or pastel colors can create overexposure for the images. Dark blues, greens, and browns are all ideal colors for the shoot. Find a dark color that you're comfortable in. If you want your eyes to stand out more, get a color that matches them. For example, if you have blue eyes, a dark blue shirt will help the eye colors pop out more.


A number of accessories can enhance the look of a photo and add to your golfing outfit.

  • Watches: Golf shops often sell sporty watches to wear on the course. This type of accessory can really add a nice touch to detail shots of you holding or swinging a club. If you're actually golfing on the course during the shoot, then ensure that the watch doesn't interfere with your natural swing.
  • Hats & Visors: A hat or visor can add some nice color compliments to the photo. Depending on the lighting, the brim of a hat can create a lot of shadows, so work with the photographer to determine if that will be a problem. If it is not, then the hat can also add to the sporty look of the photo.
  • Golf Shoes: Match the shirt that you wear with a pair of golf shoes. Even smaller details like the color of the spikes can make a difference for the photos. Removable spikes allow you to add in new spikes with colors that will match your outfit.


The sizing of your clothes is crucial for photographs. Clothes that appear too loose will look unflattering in photos. When wearing golf pants, ensure they are the proper length and do not hang too low over your shoes. Tuck in shirts so they have a slim look. Try not to wear shirts that have loose sleeves or hang loosely off your chest. Try on different golf apparel to find shirts that fit snugly but comfortably.

Different companies have different sizing guidelines and fits, so it's important to try on each piece before the day of the photo shoot.

Multiple People

If multiple people are going to be in the photo shoot, then it's a good idea to coordinate different color and style options. While fully matching outfits can age photos and make them look tacky, there are a few matching elements that you can implement for the photos. For example, everyone in the group can choose to wear khaki pants. The different styles of shirts will help each person stand out while still creating a flow through the photos.

Hats are also a good accessory to match for the photos. Even if everyone is not wearing the same hat, wearing hats from the same company can help create a flow through the pictures.

Extra Items

As you head out for a photo shoot, it's a good idea to bring along extra items to help in multiple situations. An extra outfit can help add diversity to the photos and are good in case a spill or grass stain wrecks your first outfit.

A picnic blanket can also be used for photos. It allows you to sit or lay out on the green without having to worry about getting grass stains. A photographer may also have these supplies with them, so you should communicate beforehand.

Taking the extra time to capture great photos is an ideal way to have final images that you will love for years to come.