3 Services Included In A Bicycle Tune-Up

If you are preparing yourself to take a long-distance trip on your bicycle, you will have a lot to do. Not only should you properly train and condition your body for this trip, but you will also need to make sure your bike is in excellent shape. You will not want your bike to develop problems while you are miles away from home, and you might be able to prevent issues by getting a bicycle tune-up. A bicycle tune-up is something you can get at a bicycle shop, and it will often include the following three services.

Adjusting The Brakes

Bicycles are not as complex as cars and motorcycles, but they do contain several key parts that must be in good-working condition before you set out on a long-distance bike ride. The brakes are one of these parts, and a bike tune-up will typically include adjusting the brakes.

The first step in this process is examining the brakes. If the brake pads are old and worn out, they should be replaced before your trip. If they are not worn out, a bicycle shop might simply be able to adjust them to make sure they are aligned properly and working the way they should be.

After this is done, the shop may also sand the brake pads slightly. This is necessary if a squeaking sound is made when the brakes are used.

In addition, the shop will check the brake cable. This is the part that connects the brake controls on the handlebars to the actual brakes. If these cables are loose or have holes in them, they should be replaced.

Cleaning And Adjusting The Chain

The second key component of a bicycle is the chain. The chain moves as you pedal your bike, and having a chain that is clean and that moves freely is vital for a long trip. The main step in checking the chain is cleaning it. A chain contains lubrication, and it can tend to get dirty over time.

To clean it thoroughly, the shop may remove the chain from the bike. They can then clean it with a degreasing solution. After it has been cleaned, they will place it back on the bike, ensuring that it has the right tension. The shop will also test the chain to ensure that it moves freely when shifting takes place.

Finally, the shop will spray a lubricant on it. This will help it move freely as you ride your bike. Having the chain lubricated will also stop the effects of rust forming from rain getting on the chain.

Adjusting The Tires

The final step in a bicycle tune-up often involves servicing the tires. If you get your tires serviced, you will have a lower chance of developing tire issues on your trip. Getting a flat tire or any other tire issue during a long-distance biking trip can be frustrating, and this is why you should make sure this step is completed before you take off on your trip.

Your tires need to have the right amount of pressure in them, in order for you to have a comfortable and safe trip. The amount your tires need will depend on the tires you have. Some tires require around 100 pounds per square inch (psi), but others may need more or less than this.

You should also make sure the shop installs tire liners or inner tubes in your tires. This will help you prevent getting a flat while you are riding.

A bicycle tune-up is a great service to look into before you go on a trip with your bike. To learn more about this, contact a bicycle shop, such as Sarasota Cyclery Inc, today.