What Are Some Ways To Prevent Fog And Scratches On Eyeglass Lenses?

If you wear glasses or sunglasses and participate in activities that sometimes cause your lenses to fog up, you likely have found it frustrating. This is something that can cause accidents or mistakes to occur because it is sometimes impossible to see through fogged lenses. If you use the incorrect techniques to wipe away the fog, you could cause a more serious issue and permanently damage your lenses. For example, you might scratch them. The following care tips can help you prevent scratches and put a stop to fogged lenses. 

Invest in eyewear products to care for your lenses.

You need to buy products that are designed to keep your glasses free from fog and ensure that you use them correctly. For example, anti fog cleaner for lens online can keep fog off of your glasses; however, you need to use the correct application techniques. Using tissue paper could result in fibers getting stuck on the lenses. Investing in a microfiber cloth to apply cleaners will protect your lenses from scratches, ensure an even application, and ensure a clean finish.

Clean your glasses.

Wearing glasses regularly will inevitably deposit oil from your skin on the glasses. Depending on your activities, dirt may also get on your glasses. Clean your glasses by holding them under running water to loosen any particles and oil. This should be followed by cleaning with a lens cleaner and microfiber cloth. If you wear glasses daily, perform the cleaning daily. Otherwise, clean your glasses or sunglasses before and after you are finished using them.

Avoid bad cleaning habits.

If you are busy and need to clean your glasses, you might be tempted to use your shirt or a dry napkin to clean your glasses. This is ill-advised because it can result in scratched lenses. Aim to only clean your lenses with lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth. It may be inconvenient to keep lens cleaner with you at all times, but using a quality lens cleaner that is formulated to block fog will likely mean that your lenses will stay clear for several hours or all day. 

If you primarily use eyewear when you are outdoors participating in sports-related activities such as hiking, motorcycle riding, or mountain climbing, a sporting goods store is a good resource to use for advice on products that can minimize fog on lenses. They will also have products that can ensure that your glasses or sunglasses fit properly on your head, which can prevent cosmetic damages that often happen during active moments when eyewear is not secured to the head.