Tips For Buying Your First Horse Riding Helmet

Horse riding is a wonderful hobby enjoyed by many. If you're a beginner horse rider, you will need to purchase some gear. One of the most important pieces of gear that you will need is a riding helmet to protect your head. Use the following tips when choosing your first horse riding helmet:

Consider Safety Standards

When purchasing a horse riding helmet, it is important to look for a helmet that meets at least the minimal safety standards. Avoid horse riding helmets that are labeled as "For Dress Only" or "Apparel Only," since these helmets do not provide adequate protection to your head and are just for looks. Instead, look for a horse riding helmet that has been approved by ASTM. Helmets that are certified by ASTM go through a battery of testing to ensure that they are durable and provide the highest level of protection.

Get a Fitted Helmet

For your first horse riding helmet, you should avoid buying anything online. It is really in your best interest to try on several different riding helmets so you can find one that fits perfectly. First, place a tape measure right above your eyebrows and measure the circumference of your head. This number will give you a general idea of what size riding helmet you will need. After you measure your head, go to a local tack shop and begin trying on the different helmets that are available. 

To discover whether or not a riding helmet fits well, place one on your head but do not connect the harness under your chin. With the harness undone, you should be able to move your head around without the helmet moving or slipping forward or backwards. 

Avoid Used Helmets

Horse riding can be an expensive hobby, and many people want to save money however they can. Some horse riding equipment can be purchased used, but a riding helmet should always be bought new. With a used riding helmet, you have no way of knowing its age or whether or not it has any damage from a past impact when the previous rider owned it.

Consider Different Price Points

Horse riding helmets are available in many price points. Don't assume that a more expensive helmet is necessarily safer. Any helmet that meets safety standards provides the same level of safety. Since riding helmets need to be replaced every few years, it is a good idea to buy an affordable riding helmet that will not be extremely expensive to replace. 

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