4 Great Gifts For A Firearm Enthusiast—That Are Not A Gun!

If you have a gun enthusiast on your gift list, give something that they can use and will love that is not a gun. Visit online and area supply stores to find the following items, not firearms, but items that will inspire and spark their interest.  

Four gift ideas for your firearm enthusiast that aren't guns are below.

1. Ammo

If your gun enthusiast enjoys target practice, there is a good chance that they own or use a 9mm. A 9mm is the same kind of gun that police and other law enforcement agents use—and is commonly chosen by civilians, too. This is not an expensive gun, and ammunition is widely found. Gift your gun-lover a box or two of 9mm ammo. From target practice at the gun range to self-defense, this is guaranteed to be a gift that they can use! 

2. Carry Purse

Another gift idea for the gun enthusiast is a concealed carry purse. A concealed carry purse is a bag that carries but also conceals the owner's handgun. Sure, the gun owner can use other handbags, but a concealed carry purse is designed specifically for the gun, often particular calibers, and is the safest way to transport a gun securely and discreetly.  

3. Tactical Flashlight

Gift a tactical flashlight to a gun or weapons enthusiast. After all, you must have proper light to ensure with certainty what you are aiming and subsequently shooting at. This is where a high-quality tactical flashlight comes in; plus, these durable and rugged flashlights are sturdy enough to be used as a weapon in and of themselves. If you are gifting someone that has an interest in personal protection, a tactical flashlight is an excellent gift idea.  

4. Firearm Plating

Over time, firearms can become corroded and damaged. The finish may be worn or dull from improper storage or just wear and tear; consider giving the gift of firearm plating, such as chrome or even gold plate. Some metals, like nickel, are effective for protecting the gun, while other platings, like gold or silver, may be more for decorative purposes. Plating a firearm can create a cherished family heirloom that the owner may want to pass down to others later.

Gifting a gun sounds great, but if not, try these four gift ideas for your firearm enthusiast. Make sure that you only buy from qualified and reputable retailers, and that you always practice safety first.